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A step-by-step guide to breakthrough from an unhappy, ill, frustrating and stuck life, to one of joy, happiness, good health, success, freedom and love.  Experience a dramatic and empowered shift in your life as you become more aware and consciously awaken to your fullest potential.  This is the unique venue where healing and coaching integrate for your holistic transformation.  You don’t have to do it alone.  Let me help you!  I believe you are worthy of an awesome life.

Be Aware Mastery is based on the Transformation section of my book.  Do you have the book?  Have you read the book?  Reading it will be the best place to get started.   Read the dedication within Be Aware.  Read the introduction of how to use Be Aware in your life.  You can buy it here. Available in ebook pdf on my website or kindle and paperback via Amazon.  Now also available – Order the paperback in South Africa via Exclusive Books and dedication within Be Aware.

Be Aware Mastery will take you step-by-step through your transformation in an interactive way for advanced mastery.


It is for you if:

You want to…

  Transform your life

Change your patterns & beliefs

Heal your body

Breakthrough your negative patterns

Clear blockages and fears

Release from judgements

Build your awareness

Understand your life from a higher perspective

Understand your dreams

Understand if and why you are stuck

Shift through forgiveness and into gratitude

Shift your relationships or attract your ideal partner

Shift your career

Elevate your vibration for the better life you desire

Experience a life filled with joy and gratitude


Be Aware Mastery will give you the direction of your new healthy desired life.

Learn how to…

Listen to your body

Access and trust your intuition

Balance your life

Manifest effectively


Connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels and archangels

Express your full Soul potential in your life

Together we will activate your new life.

Benefits of online Be Aware Mastery

Engage with me in private *email coaching and live chat

Plus 3 x 1hour **skype sessions

Receive distant Reiki healing

Receive tools, techniques and steps that you can use for the rest of your life

Do it in your own time

Work at your own pace

In the comfort of your home

Read, listen, do and interact for advanced transformation

Access to repeat any section you wish, as well as all updates for your mastery

This is a mobile friendly website.  This means you can access all contents via your mobile device.

*Note:  The email coaching offered here is ongoing email coaching aligned to helping you in the moment of need.  **If more than 3x1hour skype is required it would need to be booked and paid for separately.

I am ready to assist you to experience an empowered life of health, happiness and success.  Are you ready for your new life?

you and tina cornish creating the life you desire

As a member, you will be able to download a 18 day formula poster, to help you master your awakening journey.

You can also experience powerful audios like:

Conscious regression in current life for illness

Conscious genetic regression for pain

Elevated Attraction for manifesting

1 free uniquely created for you audio – aligned directly with your current needs

…. and much more as they are added and updated for your membership

If you want to see and experience your life from a different perspective, then

Be Aware Mastery is for you.

Be Aware Mastery is now only available through Freedom to Thrive package

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One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

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